Casino Marketing Effects on Your Play

The world of Casino Blackjack has countless opinions on the nature of the game. The popularity of Blackjack is due to the card counting strategies that have been at the forefront of the promotion of the Blackjack game and it’s lure for an ability to win consistently. Furthermore, the casinos feed your ego with their marketing tactics. I want to make sure you are aware of the reality of the game. How the casino marketing affects how you play and how you can become a consistent winner if you become aware of all the factors that affect how you play. How knowing these in addition to a good strategy can make you a consistent winner. Think about how you feel when you walk into play, the host or floor person greets you and is impressed with your knowledge of the game; they compliment you on the correct play. How important you feel when you get a comp for your play, and they admire your buy-in. It is great customer service, but in the end, they want you to feel invincible and important. If they accomplish this, you will feel you cannot be beaten, and in the end, you will bet more than you can to maintain play, and they got all your expendable cash. They win when they accomplish this, and they did it by feeding your ego. Oh yes and also the fellow who is reading this who is thinking, I don’t get comped because I am a skilled player they got you too because your bankroll doesn’t reflect you as a winner.

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