Do you always double your eleven just because the basic strategy card says so? Stop doing that! You can’t afford to be without our doubling strategy. When you double, you’d better be in a high dealer break probability.¬† You just bet twice as much money, and you are only going to get one card. How many times have you doubled your eleven against a dealer’s six only to get a three on your hand and watch him hit his hand to twenty-one? BLACKJACK 101 teaches you when to anticipate a high card before you make your double decision, thus increasing the chances of getting a high point count hand such as twenty or twenty-one. Oh, by the way, every expert says the average dealer’s hand is 18.5. Go down and watch and tell me if you still believe that!¬† It’s 19.2 in real world casinos. Computers don’t deal cards, people do. Computers don’t try to beat you casinos do!!!

Also, we also teach you how to qualify them so that you’ll know when you will receive a high card and the dealer has a high probability to break. The experts agree on one thing, the game of Blackjack is won or lost in doubles. You’re going to know when to double, so you win twice as much. That’s the purpose of doubling, not because some book tells you to.

Most of the experts agree that the game is won or lost on doubles. That’s why in BLACKJACK 101 we have two qualifiers before you even commit to doubling a bet. Simply stated, the “experts” say double each play where you have a 50% chance of winning¬†(they have inserted a big “D” in their chart to let you know when you should do this).

BLACKJACK 101 point to ponder: Most players lose money on their double down plays. There are no automatic doubles in BLACKJACK 101. We use our enhanced card play and information about our hit card to make an intelligent double, and in the final analysis — (HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WIN) — with BLACKJACK 101 tactics you’ll win double downs than you ever did before

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