How To Bet

Betting is the most important aspect of playing winning Blackjack! Nothing is more critical, yet so little is written about it. Again, 99% percent of the players in the casino bet one way only: up as you win. You’re going to beat a very small percentage of games in the casino with that betting strategy. It’s called the streaking game, and everybody is winning in these games, so no instruction is necessary because the dealer is breaking.Connect with Facebook

Have you ever heard of the back and forth game? What betting strategy would work in a game where you exchange hands with the dealer? That is you win a hand then the dealer wins a hand. Surely not up as you win! You would get murdered by always losing your high bet.

These games abound in the casino you will learn how to capitalize on these games. Find out how. By the way, there are more of these type of games than there are streaking games. This is a reason you cannot afford to be without BLACKJACK 101. We teach you how to bet in each game that you will be faced with. The best-kept secret in Blackjack is that the shoe game is beatable. The primary component of beating the shoe game is correctly identifying the game type and carrying out the best betting technique to maximize profits to you, the player. That is what we teach you with BLACKJACK 101 betting. 

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