Think – Casinos Encourage You Not To

Be a smart Blackjack player, play like a professional and cash in on the profits! A Professional team of gamblers reveals in BLACKJACK 101 strategy so that you can cash in on profits. Sound too good to be true, not so. If you have been playing casino Blackjack for some time, then you have heard of a strategy called basic strategy. The casinos know that 99% of all the players that play Blackjack play some form of basic strategy. Basic strategy was developed on computers (computers don’t deal cards) years ago, and the casinos have spent years defeating basic strategy players.

They have done it a number of ways. The first that I want to enlighten you to is called the break ratio of the dealer. When basic strategy worked, the dealer was predicted to break approximately 1 in every 3.5 hands ( when is the last time you played casino blackjack and saw the dealer break once in every 3 or 4 hands?). This was calculated by computer simulation, but a computer doesn’t deal cards, computers don’t try to beat you, but casinos do!

Basic strategy refined with card counting used to work when the break ratio of the dealer was one dealer break in every 3.5 hands. This is what the casinos know, and this is what they manipulate, by crowding tables, picking up break cards and by shuffle techniques that subvert the game. BLACKJACK 101 teaches you how to use these casino tactics against them.

Why is BLACKJACK 101 better?

BLACKJACK 101 is better because it addresses the real situations that occur in the casino. Not some fantasy games that exist in a computer simulation or in the mind of the author of a book.

BLACKJACK 101 uses plain common sense approach to the game. It’s a thinking person’s game, and once you understand the basic concepts, you’ll find that your mind and thought process is a far more reliable judge of card play and betting decisions than a mechanical strategy, reduced to the size of a piece of paper.

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